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Muscle Spotlight: Serratus Anterior, Spread your wings…

I remember when we learned about the Serratus Anterior muscle in my Kinesiology class when I was attending East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR. I was struck by the grace and beauty of this wing-like muscle that wraps so lovingly around our ribcage. As it turns out, Serratus Anterior has many […]

Natural and calming remedies for your pet

My anxious, lovable dog Penny First off, Im a big sucker for rescue dogs. Anyone who has spoken to me in any length has probably understood that I have a deep place in my heart for dogs–older rescue dogs in particular. Over the years I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with many of these […]

Why are you still at that spa chain?

This month I decided to tackle a subject I have tackled once before on this blog: the difference between being a client at a spa chain (like Massage Envy or Hand and Stone–just to name a few), or being a client at a smaller locally owned spa that has one or two locations, and is not […]

The Doshas seen through the prism of Spring

As the old adage goes, “April showers bring May flowers”. It’s the final ‘act’ of Spring and with it comes somewhat of a catch: allergies! It seems every “allergy season” is not only longer, but stronger with many people experiencing such a ramification on congestion it can be difficult for one to assume if they’re […]

The four balancing elements of Spring: Earth, Water, Air + Fire

  There are many age-old healing modalities that all share a common, “holistic”, thread—that the universe, its planetary systems, the Earth and our own bodies share a common oneness through energy that could generally be described such as: energy + atoms = matter.  In many of these modalities the study of physiological and energetic characteristics of […]

Marching into Spring

Spring is edging nearer! March 20th will mark this year’s Vernal Equinox, also commonly referred to as the “First Day of Spring”; and in the Pacific Northwest Spring time is especially sweet. The Vernal Equinox and its meaning The equinox represents an almost neutral moment in time where the earth’s axis prepares to begin rotating […]

How emotions affect your health — a direct correlation

We all know how it feels–a deep sadness feels like a catch in the throat. Anger burns in your face,  and the feeling of surprise hits you right in the chest. Turns out these physical responses to emotion are universal, and now scientists are proving that they also map directly to certain parts of our […]

Why do you feel “high” after a massage? Why and how massage works!

It’s all in your head Ever try to walk, drive, or try to multitask right after having a great massage? Most people find tasks that require intricate coordination of mind and/or body difficult in the minutes that follow a massage. Most people report feeling “high”– an extreme sense of well being, relaxation, and pleasure is […]

Avoid winter cold + flu bugs with immune boosting massage

Boosting your immunity through diet, rest and stress reduction is a good way to keep those winter sicknesses at bay. But did you know that massage therapy has been proven to help boost your immunity through clinical studies? Its true! Initial studies revealed that Swedish massage therapy caused a decrease in vasopressin and a lesser decrease […]

How to give a sweet massage!

                  You don’t have to be a Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT), or even Napoleon Dynamite (although that might help) to give a sweet massage to a friend or family member. Great massage techniques are easy and come very naturally with just a little practice. Let’s start with […]